Where are you based?

We are currently living just outside Port Elizabeth in search of 'the good life' but our studio is based in Northcliff Johannesburg. We travel all around South Africa and abroad for our work!

How long have you been a photographer?

Starting shooting in 2007, so around 12 years.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

We only take on a select number of weddings a year to manage with our two kids, travel and teaching. We used to shoot 80 weddings a year. We try not to spread ourselves too thin so for now around 24 a year!

Will you travel for my wedding?

Yes, we love traveling! Where did you have in mind?

Do you always shoot together?

No, our base wedding packages include just Dylan, you can add an additional shooter if you need.

How many images will I get?

We shoot to capture the story thoroughly! We don't like to limit ourselves to a specific number of images. We will always include everything that we've shot that is usable. Our packages vary but for a wedding, never less than 600 images, for a lifestyle session, around 100 images!

Can we get our raw unedited images?

No, they are still art in the making! We believe our job is complete when we can present the images in the best possible way and that includes editing, its half the magic. We promise not to leave out any of your memories, we know they are precious! If you feel like we've missed something, we are happy to go back and check in our files for you! No problem! We're on YOUR team!

What is your turnaround time?

Much of this depends on or travel and shooting schedule! We want to give every image the love and care it needs and this takes time! We are always aiming to deliver as fast as possible but the editing process is the longest part of the job. For a wedding its around 8 weeks, for lifestyle sessions we aim for 3 - 4 weeks.

How does the payment work?

Any booking is only secured once we have received a 50% deposit! For lifestyle shoots, the balance is due after we've done your shoot and before we deliver your High Res image gallery! We will email you when they are ready! For a wedding, 50% to secure your date, 30% the week of the wedding and the remaining balance before we deliver your High Res image gallery.

Do you photoshop us?

We're always aware of shooting you to look the best you can, thats our job. We do a light edit on our images but we don't change the way you look. If you have something you are paticularly worried about, pls let us know, we will be more aware of it when we're posing you.

What shall I wear to my shoot?

Once we've settled on a shoot date, we will send over some styling guides to help you with this! Don't stress! We've got your back!

What if it rains?

We will always embrace whatever weather comes our way, it makes for beautiful images! For the record, we've NEVER NOT been able to get beautiful shots due to weather! Theres always something you can do!

What is the best time for our shoot?

We are light chasers, so pretty soft light is always our first choice! Late afternoon or early morning!